General Knowledge Quiz of the Day - 03.06.2019

1. Telangana Formation Day was Observed Every Year on -------

a) June 5

b) June 3

c) June 7

d) June 2

2. The New Brand Ambassador for Promoting Yoga in Goa is -------

a) Baba Ramdev

b) Namrata Menon

c) Jaggi Vasudev

d) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

3. A New Species of Wasp from the Genus Kudakrumia was identified in -------

a) Maharashtra

b) Kerala

c) Uttar Pradesh

d) Goa

4. The Cabinet has approved the Rs.3,000 Pension Scheme for Small Shopkeepers & Retail Traders on the Year -------

a) 2015

b) 2018

c) 2019

d) 2017

5. ------- has received the Highest Civilian Award of Mexico given to Foreigners "Orden Mexicana del Aguila Azteca".

a) Donald Trump

b) Rahul Gandhi

c) Narendra Modi

d) Pratibha Patil

6. ------- has approved 930 Crore Rupees Fund to Support Stock Market.

a) Sweden

b) India

c) China

d) Pakistan

7. "Yoga Locator App" was launched on the Year -------

a) 2017

b) 2016

c) 2019

d) 2015

8. "Yoga Locator App" was launched by -------

a) Ministry of Ayush

b) Ministry of Corporate Affairs

c) Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region

d) Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports


1. d

2. b

3. d

4. c

5. d

6. d

7. c

8. a

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